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Table 4 Evaluation of the 3D LOs by experts in epidemiology

From: Teaching: the role of active manipulation of three-dimensional scatter plots in understanding the concept of confounding

Evaluation question* Mean Score (n = 6)
1. I think the students like the module. 4.3
2. The questions in this modules where clear and understandable 4.8
3. It is useful that the 3D plots are rotatable 3.0
4. The questions in this module are useful 4.8
5. I think that this module applies general accepted scientific views on confounding 4.5
6. I think that the use of 3D plots enhanced understanding of confounding by students 4.0
7. I think that this modules provides a useful addition to epidemiological textbooks and lectures 4.2
8. I think that this module stimulated the student to study confounding 3.8
9. I think that this module is useful in my own course. 3.8
10. Overall rating of the module. 3.8
  1. *All questions were Disagree – Agree questions with a five-point Likert scale.